Outreach Ministries


Juvenile Center Outreach
 Echo Glen Children Center
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Sis.Shatina, Minister Brian, Sis.Christine,
Sis. Andrea & Pastor Don
Echo Glen is both a long term and short term youth detention center where we have been blessed to serve for over 20 years.  Here we have an opportunity to share spiritual insight into the Word of God through Bible Studies and a Christian 12-Steps.
 Green Hill Youth Rehabilitation Center
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Bro. Daryel, Minister Brian & Pastor Don
Once a month a team o f brothers travel to Centralian WA. to minister to youth varying in age fron 15 to 21 years of age. Here the visits are one on one in the lockdown unit and at other times a Bible Study is facilitated answering questions and giving insight according to the Word of God.
King County Juvenile Detention
Minister Brian, Sis.Christine & Sis.Valerie
This facility holds youth for a period of one day or until sent to a long term facility or released back into the community. Weekly, servants go into the detention center to meet with the youth one on one, praying and sharing spiritual insights into the Word of God.
Woodinville State Community Facility
Minister Brian , Pastor Don & Bro. Benjamin
This facility is a community based program that assist adjudicated males transition back into the community. Twice a month we share insight into the Word of God as the youth ask questions and share their challenges. THIS OUTREACH MINISTRY IS ONLY FOR THE YOUTH AT THIS FACILITY.
Assisted Living Outreach
Park Ridge Skilled Rehabilitation Center
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Sis.Andrea, Minister Brian, Sis.Christine & Sis Zoie

This ministry was started as a result of one the church members staying at this facility. We currently lead worship services on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month where we share in song, scripture, and the Word of God. In addition to the worship services, members of the team have weekly one on one visit's with the residents.


Sunrise Assisted Living 
Minister Brian, Sis.Shatina, Sis.Zoie
On the first and third Sundays of every month we are invited into the living room to share scripture, sing worship hymns and pray with the residents. We also visit weekly on Mondays leading a bible study where we have personal visits, discuss scripture and sing hymns. This ministry has been in place for more than 5 years.
Leon Sullivan Healthcare Facility 
Minister Brian, Sis.Gerri, Sis.Valerie, Sis.Juanita, Sis. Shatina, Sis. Zoie, Sis.S'Kaila, Sis.Kenya & Sis.Ke'Yonna
Through one on one visits, bible studies and worship services the residents receive the Word of God while building personal relationships with us. This facility has three floors housing residents, from young to old, needing assisted care with their basic living needs. This minstry has been in place for more than 18 years.
Other Outreach Ministries 
The Cannon House
Sis. Christine , Bro. Chris , Minister Brian , Sis. Shatina , Sis. Gerri , Sis. Valerie , Sis. Tatum , Pastor Tatum , Bro. Benjamin
We offer the Gospel through bible studies every Friday and worship service every Sunday. Many wonderful friendships have developed in this ministry and the residents faith have strengthened and remained strong in the Lord Jesus Christ. We have served at the Cannon House for more than eight years.
Gideon Matthews
Bro.Chris & Bro. Benjamin
We join together weekly with the residents to share a bible study with these mature senior individuals that have vast experiences in the challenges to live according to the Word of God. This is a real encouraging ministry for new outreach ministers of the Gospels because it provides a chance to learn to teach the Bible at a comfortable pace.
 Street Feeding Outreach
Bro.Brian H., Minister Brian, Bro.Ricky, Pastor Don, Sis.Gerri, Sis.Kenya
Going to the streets of Seattle has been a long time plan and vision for this ministry since the majority of our congregation has come off the streets or has encountered a life style similar to living on or hanging out on the streets. Every Saturday morning servants sing songs and preach the word of God to the people on the streets in 3 different sites in the downtown area of Seattle (the feeding takes place in one of the sites). Here we share the hope of Jesus Christ to those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, people with mental disabilities, prostitutes, and folks who have been homeless for years. This ministry has been in place for more than 22 years.


Christian 12 Step Outreach
Minister Brian, Sisters Shatina, Christine, Brothers Brian H., Bobby & Joe

In these groups, daily issues are discussed and application of God's Word is the remedy that we talk about in each group. The goal of overcoming every addiction in Christ Jesus alone is impressed upon everyone's heart as they learn how to be victorious in life.

Tuesday Old Testament Bible Survey

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 Pastor Don

 This bible study is one the oldest ministries we have. It has traveled from members' homes, to transitional housing facilities, and is now currently held at the church (DATES ANNOUNCED WEEKLY)  All are welcome.


Season Saints Thursday Bible Study at the church

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Pastor Don 

This unique Bible Study was started by some army veterans searching for God and purpose in their lives. What makes this ministry unique is that all of these men were over 50 years in age and have been through many different challenges in life. Over the past 6 plus years since this bible study has started, these men and others just like them have began to serve the Lord and find their purpose in life. They also have brought invaluable wisdom to the younger men in the church. They meet weekly at the church under Pastor's supervision.
Frederick Ozanam House
Minister Brian, Pastor Don & Bro. Ricky
This bible study is the result of a request by a former who got the approval to have an in-house Bible Study. Two times a month we are blessed to share spiritual insight into the Word of God with men 55 and older who have been through many challenges in life. THIS BIBLE STUDY IS ONLY FOR THE MEN AT THIS HOUSE.
Women's Ministries 

For Women's Only Bible Study
fwo.jpg (300205)
Sis.Shatina, Sis.Valerie, Sis.Kenya, Sis.Andrea & Sis. Christine
Every Saturday we offer a unique opportunity for women to discuss every day challenges and seek God's direction through His Word and spiritual wisdom.  Oneness is built, lives are changed, and testimonies are shared about how Jesus Christ has helped them in life.
Dorothy Day House
Sis.Andrea, Sis.Christine & Sis.Kenya
The Dorothy Day House, founded in 1999, is a residence for homeless women. This ministry was started when a person attending our church saw a need for God's Word at this women's facility. Two times a month we are given time to share spiritual insight in the Word of God in a bible study format.

  The Jubilee Women's Center 

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Sis.Kenya, Sis.Gerri & Sis.Andrea
Founded in 1983, Jubilee Women's Center has provided safe, affordable and supportive community housing in Seattle and a program that helps single women transition out of homelessness and into independent living.
Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month the women of the congregation go and share spiritual insight into the Word of God in a round table bible study. This ministry has been in place since 2004.


Ministries not listed are Bible Studies at homes for mentally disabled and women's shelters. 




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